Getting a used car in favour of a new one gives you plenty of benefits, particularly in terms of helping you stretch your Ringgit! In addition to a lower purchase price, buying a pre-owned car also helps you save on your monthly insurance fees, amongst others.

On the other hand, the process of buying a used car can come with its own set of challenges – how well has the car been cared for by the previous owner? How can you be sure of its true condition? Here are 3 main things you should do to help you in your decision.

Do your homework

If you have a particular model in mind, do some research on its quality. One of the most reliable ways is to read up on professional reviews as well as what other owners have to say of that particular make. Note its specific qualities and flaws to help you make an informed judgement.

Additionally, do a quick search on various used vehicles sites to determine the car’s average asking price. This will ensure that you don’t pay too much (or suspiciously little) for it.

Have it inspected

The used car trade has come a long way since its early days. Nonetheless, you still need to be sure that the model you have your eye on has undergone all the necessary inspections to ensure its quality and safety.

Besides getting it done by your personal mechanic, you can also rely on professional services such as the Vehicle Inspection Management System (VIMS) by AucNation Synergy to conduct the checks for you. VIMS’ comprehensive web based inspection comprising Visual Analysis and Diagnostic Analysis will ensure that the car is inspected from the inside out, and right down to the electrical components. This will give you a reliable and accurate scoring of the vehicle, enabling you to proceed to the next step with peace of mind.

Take it for a spin

Get a feel of the car yourself by taking it on a test drive. Evaluate its comfort levels, check if its steering, mirrors and accessories are in good working order, if it reverses correctly, and listen for any strange noises or squeaks as you drive.

Buying a pre-owned car is a significant decision. So, take your time to fully consider the pros and cons as you undertake the 3 steps above. It could be one of the best deals you will make!