What You Need to Know About Recond Car Inspections

Imported used cars, also known as reconditioned or recond cars in Malaysia, can be highly desirable to any driver, but it is just as important to know its true condition before making a purchase. And thankfully, our Vehicle Inspection Management System (VIMS) is equipped to conduct recond car inspections.

Our premium, independent inspection service can be carried out on all imported used cars. And for Japanese imports, greater detail is available, as VIMS has access to the official vehicle data of used Japanese imports such as make, model, variant, date of original registration and odometer reading, thanks to our strategic partnership with ATL, Japan.

VIMS is a 1,000-plus checkpoint independent inspection. Through VIMS, used car buyers will be able to know a recond car’s true condition thanks to Japan-trained inspectors who comprehensively check both common and uncommon components and parts. Our Visual Analysis covers a vehicle’s Interior, Exterior, Mainframe, and Basic Mechanical Functions, while our Diagnostic Analysis uses an OBD2 device officially licenced by all Japanese manufacturers to analyse 800-plus data points. This gives them the full picture of its health so that they can make an informed purchasing decision.

Furthermore, buyers can enjoy greater peace of mind with VIMS because it was developed using the highest international inspection standards of Automobile Inspection System (AIS) Japan and is a fully independent inspection service. This lets you rest easy knowing that VIMS has the highest accuracy and offers trustworthy results. All of these qualities are delivered with full transparency through the Vehicle Inspection Reports with Video Summary made possible via CitNOW, UK.

So, for Malaysian drivers who are looking to own a premium reconditioned import, VIMS can now help you to make that dream a reality. Learn more about VIMS, our premium independent inspection service which covers a vehicle’s exterior, interior, mechanical, and mainframe points: https://vims-asia.com/

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