Terms of Use

Terms of Use for the services of AucNation Synergy Sdn Bhd

1. AucNation Synergy Sdn Bhd (“the Company”) hereby thanks you for submitting a request for a vehicle(s) inspection. Before completing your request submission for an inspection, you are advised to read and agree to the terms and conditions below.

2. The Company has taken all care and effort within the best of our abilities at the time of the inspection. Any report (“Report”) issued by the Company is a guarantee on the condition of the vehicle(s) as at the inspection date and shall be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of the Report.

3. In the event Report issued by the Company is found to be inaccurate, the Company’s liability to you shall at all times be limited to RM1,000.00. The Company shall be entitled to conduct a second inspection on the relevant vehicle(s) to confirm that the initial Report issued was inaccurate.

4. The Company shall not be liable for any claims, proceedings, losses, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses arising from any party’s reliance on Report obtained fraudulently or any Report rendered invalid under Clause 5 below.

5. Subject to the above, any Report issued by us shall cease to be valid in the event of the following intervening events:-

  • physical damage to the vehicle(s) arising from, inter alia, accidents or events of force majeure; or
  • any components of the vehicle(s) have been changed or modified by the owner following the issuance of the Report.

6. Fees paid are non-refundable. In the event of any dispute, the Company shall contact you to arrange for a re-inspection of the vehicle, at no additional charge.

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