How to Buy Record Cars with Confidence

Reconditioned cars, or recond cars, are vehicles imported from other countries and fixed up to meet the laws and standards of the country they are being exported to. These include factors such as engine tuning, road transport regulations and other issues.

An imported car can be highly desirable to any driver, but it is just as important to know its true condition before making a purchase. And thankfully, our Vehicle Inspection Management System (VIMS) is equipped to conduct recond car inspections.

Buyers can enjoy greater peace of mind with VIMS because it was developed using the highest international inspection standards of Automobile Inspection System (AIS) Japan and is a fully independent inspection service. This lets you rest easy knowing that VIMS has the highest accuracy and offers trustworthy results. All of these qualities are delivered with the full transparency of recorded video inspections through the Vehicle Inspection Reports with Video Record made possible via CitNOW.

The expertise of VIMS is further fine-tuned to the unique differences of imported vehicles. So, for Malaysian drivers who are looking to own a premium imported vehicle, VIMS can now help you to make that dream a reality. Learn more about VIMS, our premium independent inspection service which covers a vehicle’s exterior, interior, mechanical, and mainframe points:

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