How Used Car Inspections Benefit You

For Malaysian vehicle owners from all walks of life, buying used cars is a normal activity. Whether they are first time owners looking for a good deal, everyday drivers who want a better vehicle, or car enthusiasts looking for an excellent vehicle to own, the used car industry remains relevant.

That is why drivers of all backgrounds should go the extra mile and benefit from used car inspections such as Vehicle Inspection Management System (VIMS).

There are many factors to consider about a vehicle’s health, especially if it is a used car with an unknown history. The average Malaysian driver can sometimes find it difficult to remember all of these issues, especially in the exact moment of purchase. And if they are not careful, they might end up investing in a vehicle with conditions they did not detect, potentially leading to further incidents and costs in the future.

That is where used car inspections like VIMS come in. VIMS is Malaysia’s only 1,000-plus checkpoint independent inspection service. Developed using the highest international inspection standards of Japan, VIMS gives you the true condition of any car before you buy it with results which are comprehensive, transparent and trustworthy. VIMS inspections are bolstered by a video summary using CitNOW technology and optionally, the official vehicle history of Japanese used imports.

A thorough, comprehensive used car inspection conducted by trained professionals can help to keep drivers safe by detecting if a used vehicle has any pre-existing conditions and mechanical faults. And with VIMS, our team of Japan-trained inspectors uses a Visual Analysis to cover all of a vehicle’s Exterior, Interior, Mainframe, and Basic Mechanical functions, including areas and components which average drivers usually overlook.

What’s more, the inspection goes even further with a Diagnostic Analysis which reviews 800-plus data points via Malaysia’s only OBD2 device officially licenced by all top Japanese manufacturers.

This knowledge lets drivers decide whether they wish to find a vehicle in better health or get the problems fixed. Whatever they choose, the used car inspection has helped to keep them safe from potential problems or even road accidents.

And with VIMS, this benefit even extends to used Japanese imports, thanks to complete vehicle history of used Japanese cars provided by their strategic partner ATL.

All of these inspection results come with the full transparency of recorded video through the Vehicle Inspection Report with Video Summary made possible via CitNOW.

Besides protecting the safety of drivers, used car inspections can also help them to make an informed purchasing choice. And with VIMS, drivers can benefit from results which are both highly accurate and independent of other organisations, making VIMS inspections highly trustworthy. If drivers were not aware of a vehicle’s hidden issues, they would end up having to address them later, costing them more than they intended to pay for, when they either have to either fix, resell, or trade in the vehicle. But with full knowledge of a vehicle’s true condition, car owners can decide whether they are fully prepared to invest their time, energy, and money into a vehicle.

Learn more about VIMS, the 1,000+ checkpoint independent inspection with video summary and optional official vehicle history:

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