Voluntary Inspection for Used Car Purchasing

In Malaysia, there are two main types of car inspections: mandatory inspections and voluntary inspections. Each of these types of inspections has its own unique purpose and suitability.

Mandatory inspections are known to Malaysian drivers as those which are conducted by Pusat Pemeriksaan Kenderaan Berkomputer (Puspakom). The main purpose is to confirm safety and roadworthiness for commercial vehicles, so its scope of inspection is narrower and more specific to safety and compliance. This is the mandatory vehicle inspection all Malaysian commercial vehicles undergo.

Voluntary inspections are done according to the personal choice of drivers, and can vary in scope and quality according to the organisations which offer them. Vehicle Inspection Management System (VIMS) is an example of a voluntary vehicle inspection. Comparatively, VIMS covers a broader scope and purpose by seeking to discover the true condition of used private vehicles before purchase.

VIMS is designed with several distinct and unique features as Malaysia’s premium independent inspection service. Its Visual Analysis checks Interior, Exterior, Mainframe, and Basic Mechanical Functions which everyday drivers might overlook, while its Diagnostic Analysis uses Malaysia’s only OBD2 device officially licenced by all top Japanese manufacturers to inspect 800-plus data points. The inspections combine to cover a comprehensive 1,000-plus inspection checkpoints.

VIMS also makes use of strategic partnerships to enhance its specific scope of inspections. Thanks to our partners at ATL Japan, VIMS also possesses the complete vehicle history of used Japanese imported cars. VIMS also makes use of recorded video inspections, using Vehicle Inspection Reports with Video Summaries produced via CitNOW UK, giving Malaysian drivers greater transparency for the inspection process.

So, while the mandatory inspection provided by Puspakom serves to cover public safety and roadworthiness of commercial vehicles, VIMS focuses on used vehicles and their buyers, usually before making purchases. With VIMS, used car buyers are able to know the full picture of a vehicle’s true condition backed by the highest international inspection standards of Automobile Inspection System (AIS) Japan, giving them peace of mind to make an informed purchasing decision.

Ultimately, VIMS is an independent inspection service with a specific purpose. It works alongside the mandatory inspections of Puspakom to go beyond improving public safety, elevating the used car industry as an area which Malaysian car owners which can benefit from.

Learn more about VIMS, the premium independent inspection service which covers a vehicle’s exterior, interior, mechanical, and mainframe points: https://vims-asia.com

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