Pickles Malaysia Sets Itself Apart with VIMS Independent Inspections

In the vehicle auction market, Pickles Malaysia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pickles, Australia’s leading used vehicle auction platform, stands out above the rest with their unique strengths.

Through their on-site and online auction platforms, Pickles Malaysia offers bidders the chance to bid for hundreds of cars at very competitive prices. Bidders get all the assistance they could ever need, and can drive home in their new car in the same day. On top of that, Pickles Auctions goes above and beyond for their customers with the help of VIMS, our premium inspection service.

As the officially appointed independent inspection partner for Pickles Malaysia, we provide Pickles with pre-inspection services for their used vehicles. Our premium 1,000-plus point inspection covers a used vehicle’s exterior, interior, mainframe and basic mechanical condition, ensuring that no issue is missed so that an informed buying decision can be made. Besides knowing a vehicle’s true condition, VIMS also has the benefit of being independent, which promises that the results are fair, objective, and neutral for bidders’ benefit.

Through this arrangement, Pickles Malaysia offers their customers a transparent bidding process. By knowing that VIMS, an independent inspector, is involved, bidders know that they are getting an honest and fair deal. The promise of “thorough results you can trust” is what takes their auctions to a higher level. This peace of mind allows bidders to bid with confidence, knowing exactly what they’re getting.
It is this dedication to living up to high business standards and treating customers and partners alike with integrity, which defines Pickles and sets them apart from the rest.

Pickles Auctions has history with Malaysia, where their first overseas office was set up. As an established and respectable auction company, they hold over 150 live auctions each month across Australia and Malaysia, selling an average of 4,400 cars every week, including those involved in accidents, among many more regular used cars. As their official inspection partner, VIMS plays a part in their goal to educate drivers about accident vehicles and their roadworthiness.

You can learn more about Pickles Auctions at their website: https://www.pickles.my/

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